Establish Authority Online

After years of branding strategy experience, Hollie shares the actual game plan she has been using to help you put your brand at the forefront of your marketplace.

ESTABLISH trust with prospects, CLIENTS and partners

Create an increased sense of trust from others for yourself. And once you’re able to gain this trust from your prospects, clients and partners, it becomes much easier to grow your business.

Earn peer's confidence for business opportunities

Obtain a strong network of business relationships. Leverage your current network and make it a valuable resource for collaborations and business ventures.

be seen as an industry thought leader

Make your selling proposition stand out with visionary thought and cutting-edge knowledge. Develop a thought leadership position in your field to springboard your marketing.


Hollie Kitchens

Hollie Kitchens is a Brand Strategist. She helps entrepreneurs and companies with branding and online presence building through various methods such as logo creation, podcast launching, establishing brand identity, rebranding, etc. Hollie is known for her passion for helping others establish authority while maintaining authenticity.

Hollie is the Founder of the Agent Authority Academy, licensed to sell real estate in Oklahoma and Texas with eXp Realty, the host to Unleash Your Inner Legend podcast, and co-founder of Women Elevation.

One of Hollie’s core values is continually growing and getting better. If she’s not working, or spending time with her family; Hollie dedicates a lot of her time to honing her knowledge both professionally and personally by hiring professional coaches, attending seminars, consuming herself with personal development and surrounding herself with like-minded people.

She lives by her WHY: “To inspire people to let go of limiting beliefs so that they can unleash their inner legend and live the life they were intended to.”

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